Governor Polis Issues “Safer at Home” Executive Order

Governor Polis has issued a new executive order (see here) outlining his new “safer at home” initiative.   Key text for schools:

Pursuant to Executive Order D 2020 041, normal in-person instruction at all P-12
schools in Colorado will be suspended until the scheduled end of the 2019-2020
regular school year. P-12 schools and school districts may use school buildings
for providing services to students, educators, and families, including but not
limited to: in-person small group instruction; staff professional development; food
service; access to internet, devices, or instructional materials; special education
services; or mental health supports. P-12 schools and school districts intending to
provide these services must work in coordination with their local public health
agency and must observe Social Distancing Requirements pursuant to applicable
public health orders.

Anyone who has questions about this guidance should feel free to contact us.

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